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Derek Parnell derek at
Mon Dec 11 22:39:38 PST 2006

On Tue, 12 Dec 2006 01:33:51 -0500, Dan Abretske wrote:

> So I have a somewhat odd windows bug. Not sure if learn is the right 
> place to ask this but....
> I have a pragma to link in ws2_32.lib in my code for windows builds
> and I have code that makes use of htonl(). When I compile code that 
> doesn't use htonl() but makes use of sockets the code compiles and runs 
> fine.  When I use code that uses htonl() but no sockets the code 
> compiles and runs fine.
> But when I try to compile code using both sockets and htonl() I get the 
> following error.
> C:\dmd\lib\phobos.lib(winsock)  Offset 1D966H Record Type 00C3
>   Error 1: Previous Definition Different : _htonl at 4
> I'm using the build tool(bud.exe) to do my compiling and linking for me 
> and it's not let me down yet so I'm hoping it's not build but I'm really 
> not sure what to do about this error.  I opened up phobos.lib with vim 
> and looked around abit and the string _htonl at 4 appears 3 seperate places 
> in the lib file... then again reading lib files isn't all that 
> informative due to the whole not human readable thing.

I've asked about this error message from time to time and still yet to
receive an answer on it. However, sometimes it goes away if you use the
-full switch on the Bud command line.

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