compile bug

Dan Abretske danthemanisdead at
Mon Dec 11 22:54:14 PST 2006


Glad to know I'm not alone in this :)  As for -full it looks like it's 
not gonna save the day this time :)

Thanks though :)


Derek Parnell wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Dec 2006 01:33:51 -0500, Dan Abretske wrote:
>> So I have a somewhat odd windows bug. Not sure if learn is the right 
>> place to ask this but....
>> I have a pragma to link in ws2_32.lib in my code for windows builds
>> and I have code that makes use of htonl(). When I compile code that 
>> doesn't use htonl() but makes use of sockets the code compiles and runs 
>> fine.  When I use code that uses htonl() but no sockets the code 
>> compiles and runs fine.
>> But when I try to compile code using both sockets and htonl() I get the 
>> following error.
>> C:\dmd\lib\phobos.lib(winsock)  Offset 1D966H Record Type 00C3
>>   Error 1: Previous Definition Different : _htonl at 4
>> I'm using the build tool(bud.exe) to do my compiling and linking for me 
>> and it's not let me down yet so I'm hoping it's not build but I'm really 
>> not sure what to do about this error.  I opened up phobos.lib with vim 
>> and looked around abit and the string _htonl at 4 appears 3 seperate places 
>> in the lib file... then again reading lib files isn't all that 
>> informative due to the whole not human readable thing.
> I've asked about this error message from time to time and still yet to
> receive an answer on it. However, sometimes it goes away if you use the
> -full switch on the Bud command line.

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