Talking to non-D libraries

Chris central_p at
Mon Feb 20 00:48:44 PST 2006


I've tried the original .libs too they also cannot be recognized.

I cannot understand how to deal with .libs for now.

I've tried the version found here: 
and it works. Then there is a SDL_image.d file but no lib for it and I 
cannot make it link in any way.

I've opened the lib files (but not with a HEX editor) and I saw there is 
the following difference: the original have this at the beginning of the 

/               1100558372              0       1248

The other one and the one I've tried to generate with lib.exe - don't, 
they have something like:

I'm reading this:

And I still don't understand what to do ;).



> Actually I'm not sure if I put the DMC or the original Win lib there...
> Murphy's states that whatever it is for, it's probably not yours :-)
> However, the real deal should be available from
> --anders

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