Code Comparison - Seeking D Equivalent to Lisp "dofile"

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Mon Feb 20 06:31:27 PST 2006

"David Medlock" <noone at> wrote in message 
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> If you ever sit down and learn Scheme or Lisp, you will understand those 
> parentheses serve very important capabilities.  Features such as 
> try/catch, conditionals, templates, type systems and many other features 
> are easily added to Lisp due to its AST syntax.
> Delegates equivalent to what *all* functions are in Lisp.
> Templates are not needed because a Lisp macro is a function which accepts 
> a Lisp program and returns a Lisp program!
> Semantically its easily more powerful than D or C++, with D probably 2-3x 
> faster in most cases.

I'm not ragging on Lisp; I'm just saying that the C syntax is somewhat more 
readable and clean-looking than a million parentheses. 

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