help posting a bug

Ant duitoolkit at
Thu Feb 23 16:36:31 PST 2006

this is what I get from a debug session:

(gdb) stepi
0x0804e0f9      359                                   ;
(gdb) stepi
0x0804e0fb      359                                   ;
(gdb) stepi
0x080c8568 in _D3gdk6Window6Window4moveFiiZv ()

dd is in fact an instance of class Window in module gtk.Window.
DMD got it right so far.

but why would the method void move(int,int) be called
instead of the method void foo() ????????????????

I posted a similar problem about a year and a half ago just to be ignored.

so help me: how do I post this in the bugs group?


PS what happens is that the window I have on the screen is
actually moved to somewhere else,
it actually disappears from the screen.

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