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Thomas Kuehne thomas-dloop at kuehne.cn
Tue Mar 28 09:34:37 PST 2006

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Ricardo Navarro Vasquez schrieb am 2006-03-27:
> I've been reading a lot and there are some questions I would like to
> ask:


> - Are DMD and GDC incompatibles?

GDC's frontend is based on DMD's frontend. Source code incompatibles are
limited to OS specific issues (e.g. GDC runs on Macs, DMD doesn't),
the time lag it takes to adapt changes in the DMD frontend for GDC
and plain implementation bugs.

Don't try to mix object files created by DMD and GDC.
(internals like the GC implementation differ)

> - What about GDB? Will it be fully supported?

Basic GDB support(stepping) is supported and a patch for name demangling
can be found on dsource. Full support would require a bit more detailed 
ABI documentation and someone implementing the necessary parts in GDB.


> - Is D well suited for developing real-time and embedded systems?

Define "embedded". Using D for smart phones seems OK, but the runtime 
(Phobos) might require some review and stripping - Ares might be a
starting point.

> I'm very intersted to migrate to D as it greatly improves C. However, the
> industry I'm currently working in (Aerospatial), reliability is a must, Windows
> is seldom seen and SPARC's wander everywhere.

I don't know what level of reliability you are thinking of:
Unittests and invariants will help at the start, but using formal
verification for a D program might be difficult.




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