bud problems

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Wed Nov 8 19:15:01 PST 2006

Derek Parnell wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Nov 2006 10:32:30 +0900, Bill Baxter wrote:
>> I seem to have to delete all my object files before running bud if I 
>> want to not get link errors and not have spurious crashes in the exe. 
>> This project has 11 files or so in two directories.  Linker errors seem 
>> to mostly be from template stuff.
>> Am I using bud incorrectly?

> This looks fine. There seems to be an issue where somehow the object files
> get out of sync with source files but I haven't found out anything causing
> it yet. It maybe related to templates but I'm not sure.

Is bud a-ok with = and :'s in imports?

    import submodule = mypackage.submodule.detail;
    import std.stdio : writefln;

And also note that I'm renaming submodule.detail to just submodule. 
Could that be confusing bud?

> In the meantime, use either "-full" to force a compilation of all source
> files, and/or use "-clean" to have Bud delete work files (.obj etc ...)
> after successful compilation.


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