GPU's as floating point coprocessors

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Mon Oct 9 18:06:00 PDT 2006

I didn't watch the whole thing either. (well just now I did :)
I was just talking about general gpu computation.
If you want to know the support for x, you should just check the specs of 
OpenGl x.x or Direct3D x.x
Every card has specs which show the version they are compliant with, and if 
they are cheating both the card manifacturers and OpenGl/Microsoft will sue 
Thus even the inbuild chips should be able to help out.
But you are right, there are probably some precision differences, but isn't 
that also a problem with different cpu's?
(I remember being told not to use different cpu's for distributed rendering 
for just that reason)

I think it would be very interesing to start our own gpu-co-proc module.

> Ok.  I didn't get that far in watching the channel 9 video.  So it sounds 
> like OpenMP for the GPU then.  Neat.  How's the support for double 
> precision floating point?  Also what happens when the user has crappy 
> built-in Intel chipset graphics?  If they're going to solve those issues 
> for us then it will be very useful indeed.
> --bb

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