GPU's as floating point coprocessors

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Mon Oct 9 16:23:27 PDT 2006

Ok.  I didn't get that far in watching the channel 9 video.  So it 
sounds like OpenMP for the GPU then.  Neat.  How's the support for 
double precision floating point?  Also what happens when the user has 
crappy built-in Intel chipset graphics?  If they're going to solve those 
issues for us then it will be very useful indeed.


nobody_ wrote:
>> Hmm.  It sounds pretty much like OpenMP.
>> --bb
> I might be wrong, but as far as I can see OpenMP doesn't  use the gpu.
> Using the gpu as a coprocessor isn't that difficult though, just find code 
> which can be done faster through the gpu pipelines.
> Reading through the opengl redbook might give you some clues as to which 
> kind of operations you should be looking.
> Translate the problem 'graphically' et voila profit.
> I intent to use the gpu for parts of the AI in my upcoming games(just wait 
> another year or so :)
> But yes, it would be nice to have a project going which would setup 
> everything (in opengl) and have some basic functions which would be done by 
> the gpu. It shouldn't even be too difficult to let opengl stay your main 
> device for screen output :D 

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