gdcwin for linking with Visual Studio libs?

Anders F Björklund afb at
Tue Oct 17 07:07:32 PDT 2006

> Unfortunately I'm not 100% aware of the options that David
> used to create the MinGW builds of GDC, on the dgcc page. :-(


It says "3.4.5 (mingw special) (gdc 0.19, using dmd 0.162)",
so I think it is built from MinGW GCC 3.4.5-20060117-1 too ?

BTW: I'm planning to do an "experimental" build of GCC 4.0.3 for
MinGW, as it seems that all patches have been included upstream ?

Originally I had planned to do this with GDC 0.20, but now I have
no idea when/if this will be released ? (ditto with MinGW GCC 4.0)

So for now it would have to use the "unstable" SVN version of GDC,
and include the C/C++ compilers for GCC as well as the D compiler.

Not planning to do any builds for Cygwin (gdcwin) or Darwin (gdcmac),
since the aim is to be as close to the MinGW/Xcode GCC as possible.


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