network help needed

Unknown W. Brackets unknown at
Tue Oct 24 07:31:15 PDT 2006

Normally you want to use TCP because it provides a lot of groundwork for 

UDP, on the other hand, is sort of like shooting spitballs.  They 
usually make it but it's not as reliable.

What's a double?  Is that two bytes?  What's going to matter for lag is 
how much data you're sending and the connection between the two 
computers.  Are they in the same network, or across the internet?


> Thanks for your reply!
> Yes, I just used Hz to confuse you :D, its not sound, but eyetracker data.
> This eyetracker has 8(maybe only 4 needed) analog outputs, each generating a 
> thousand doubles per second.
> A second computer needs to get this data with the lowest lag possible, or 
> with a known lag.
> I'm terribly sorry for the vagueness of my previous post.
> Is tcp the best protocol for this?

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