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Derek Parnell derek at
Sun Oct 29 19:27:42 PST 2006

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 12:59:11 +1100, Uzair <uzair at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a little unclear on how to set up dmd/bud to build a fairly
> simple project. I've downloaded mango, and am using the HttpClient
> class to download a webpage.
> I'm attaching the sc.ini and build.cfg I'm using. Note that although
> these are under my cygwin tree, I am now working purely in cmd.exe,
> with the path to dmd/bin at the very front of %PATH%. bud.exe (and
> build.cfg) are in dmd/bin, so those are also accessible.

This might be telling you something you already know, so please excuse me.

I assume you have a line like ...

   import mango.http.client.HttpClient;

in rss.d. In which case, the compiler needs to know where to find this  
module. It looks for modules relative to the the paths set by the "-I"  
switches (not relative to the file containing the import line).

I can see in your sc.ini file that you only have the phobos modules  
located by the -I switch, and in the build.cfg file you have attempted to  
provide the real location of the mango modules. However, by using

   INIT:BuildImportPath = '"C:\\cygwin\home\Uzair\D\include"'

you have not told Bud where the files are, but what 'switch' to look for  
that tells where the files are.

Assuming that "C:\cygwin\home\Uzair\D\include" is the top of the mango  
tree, can I recommend that you replace

   INIT:BuildImportPath = '"C:\\cygwin\home\Uzair\D\include"'



Note:: There is no need for the double backslash here (or in sc.ini either)

Alternatively you can update the sc.ini file to include this path on it's  
DFLAG line, but be aware that each release of DMD will replace your  
updated sc.ini file with the default one from DigitalMars.

Derek Parnell

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