Setting up dmd/build

Uzair uzair at
Tue Oct 31 15:37:46 PST 2006


Many thanks for your help!

What I was trying to do, of course, was to keep my
sc.ini and build.cfg as generic as possible and use my
rss.brf as a sort of Makefile.

I do have the import command as you suggest, and I've
fixed my build.cfg to not specify BuildImportPath (I
replace it with the CMDLINE statement, which fixed
things). As it happened, the problem I had with adding
the additional import path to sc.ini was with the way I
was using double quotes -- I was doing this:
DFLAGS="-I%@P%\..\src\phobos -

which is pretty stupid. When I removed the double-
quotes, it worked fine. It also works if I put a set of
double-quotes around each -I clause.

Anyway...I've still got a bit of a problem. Since
build.cfg is sort of a global Makefile, I don't
necessarily want to put the path to mango in it. I
would much rather specify just the path to phobos in my
sc.ini and specify the path to mango in my project's
brf file. My questions are:
1) What's the 'right' way to do this? That is, how
would you organize sc.ini, build.cfg and project.brf
for one of your own projects if it depended on an
external library?
2) Is all this explained somewhere? I've been looking
at the documentation, but I haven't seen a best
practices walkthrough type of thing that explains how
to set up one's D project for bud...maybe I've just
been looking in the wrong place (sorry, I'm quite new
to D).
3) What's the difference between a .brf and a .rsp
file? It seems the .rsp is very well-suited to being
used as a .brf (as long as you're not sending it to
some other computer where the paths to things might be

Thank you again for your help!


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