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John Demme me at
Sat Feb 3 11:41:50 PST 2007

Alberto wrote:

>> Hi!  I wrote the mango xml-rpc stuff awhile back.  It's a bit slow, but I
>> don't know of any bugs in it.  (But I haven't used it in awhile, so I
>> don't
>> even know if it works in DMD1.0.)  I'm currently working on porting
>> mango.xml.sax to tango and will then be porting xml-rpc over to the
>> Tango-compatible SAX.  It should be much, much faster.  I'm not making
>> any
>> guarantees as to API compatibility, though.  In fact, I'm considering
>> re-writing the Xml-Rpc API since I haven't been particularly satisfied
>> with the interface code I've been writing with it.
>> Expect beta versions of this stuff pretty soon- I've got a big project
>> waiting on it ;)... If you've got any ideas or comments on the new
>> efforts, please let me know- put up a post on dsource's mango forum and
>> we'll
>> discuss it.  I'm pretty open to suggestions on the xml-rpc API right now.
> That it's a bit slow it's not a big problem for my application (I
> think.), what I need is:
> server in D
> client in d,vb,c#,java,ecc
> With http and xml-rpc I think that I can do it, or I'm wrong?

XML-RPC is appropriate for those requirements.  That's actually precisely
the reason I started using it.

~John Demme
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