kris foo at
Tue Feb 13 13:05:24 PST 2007

Alberto wrote:
>>1) why do you require MemoryConduit? Have you constructed some in-memory
>>XML for parsing?
> yes, I must transfer xml file using POST method of HTTP (text/xml). So a
> servlet of my HTTP server (I use mango) read the xml and must parse it.
>>2) it's not clear why you're using protocols for this (Reader/Writer)
>>when you can use mc.write(void[]) and/or[])
> because they didn't work for me, (some strange error on compile), now
> that I have downloaded the last version from svn, mc.write(void[])
> works. With that my problem with MemoryConduit is solved.
> But now tango give me an error when I include
> c:\dmd\tango\tango\io\FileProxy.obj(FileProxy)
>  Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D12TypeInfo_AAa6__initZ

What tool are you using to build your project?

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