Regan Heath regan at
Thu Jul 12 05:54:39 PDT 2007

okibi wrote:
> Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!
> Thanks also for the explanation of how the function works. That does make regexp a little easier now and I'll try to get the concept down.

I find regexp hard to get my head round too.  I think it's because I 
haven't done much perl and I have for the most part used windows. 
Therefore, I haven't had much regexp exposure.

However, having started writing a lexer, parser, etc for a compiler it 
all starts to make more and more sense.

The first hurdle I had was realising which function in std.regexp 
actually did what I wanted, I kept finding myself calling find or match 
when I really wanted sub or split or something.  I'm not sure why but 
the function names don't immediately 'talk' to me as such.


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