simple console input's not working...

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Mon Jun 9 09:14:24 PDT 2008

"Jarrett Billingsley" wrote
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>> Thanks, both examples make the explanation a lot clearer. Rather strange 
>> that something like this has made it into the book though.
> It's probably because Tango is not complete, and has been in a constant 
> state of flux for the past year and a half since it was announced.  When 
> that chapter of the book was written, that probably was the interface to 
> Cin.readln.

I don't have a copy of the book, but I think it is just a book typo. 
According to this changeset:

readln always had the current interface since it was introduced.  What the 
book should have done was used copyln (or get):

void main(){
    Cout("What is your name? ").flush;
    auto name = Cin.copyln; // or Cin.get
    Cout("Hello ")(name).newline;


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