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Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at igesund.net
Sun May 11 12:13:44 PDT 2008

BCS wrote:

> Reply to Lars,
>> Well, there are quite a few successful companies which has such a
>> business model in the software business, so hardly what could be
>> called an experiment.
>> All Linux distributing companies (RedHat, Suse/Novell, Canonical),
>> TrollTech with Qt, mySQL (you know the thing ;), eZ (ez.no), and many
>> many more.
> Most of those, IIRC, have a free version and a for sale version and they
> provide tech support only on the for sale one. That not quite what I was
> thinking. I'm thinking, no for sale version at all. The company would just
> have a donations page, and an explicit statement that donations can effect
> the priority of fixing particular bugs and whatnot.

I don't see the difference? The software is the same - either you download
it, or you pay, then download it. Or you can download, then pay later if
you decide to use it.

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