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Sun May 18 06:37:53 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter a écrit :
> torhu wrote:
>> BCS wrote:
>>> Reply to torhu,
>>>> I'm looking for info how to create resource files for use with dmd.
>>>> Do they use the same format as Microsoft's files?  Any good doc links?
>> I know about rcc.exe, that page doesn't help me at all.
> What is it you want then?  The only connection between dmd and Windows 
> resource files is that you can compile one with rcc and link it into 
> your exe with dmd.
> RCC is stuck a few steps behind current Windows standards.  Namely, it 
> does not support large, PNG-compressed Vista icons.  I filed a bug for 
> it a while back. Maybe that's the kind of info you were looking for?
> --bb

digital mars RCC.exe is compatible with microsoft rcc? This RC file 
doesn't compile with digital mars, but compil with MinGW or VS.

#include <windows.h>
2 24 "rename.exe.manifest"
// include for version info constants

	BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
		BLOCK "040C04E4"
			VALUE "CompanyName", "cie"
			VALUE "FileVersion", "1"
			VALUE "FileDescription", "blabla"
			VALUE "InternalName", "blabla"
			VALUE "LegalCopyright", "blabla"
			VALUE "LegalTrademarks", "blabla"
			VALUE "OriginalFilename", "blabla"
			VALUE "ProductName", "blabla"
			VALUE "ProductVersion", "blabla"
	BLOCK "VarFileInfo"
		VALUE "Translation", 0x040C, 1252

What's the problem?

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