Questions about D (DirectX)

Sascha Katzner at spam.invalid
Thu May 22 15:12:35 PDT 2008

FireLancer wrote:
> Is there no eqivlent of d3dx9.h or is it embedded in one of the other
> files?  Ive used functions from that all over the place and I don't
> really want to relearn in order to work out ways of doing stuff
> without some of it's features and DirectX 10 isn't an option for me.

I must admit that I've never really locked into the D3D9 headers, 
because I'm using D3D10 exclusively. If the D3D9 headers are incomplete, 
perhaps you find the missing parts in one of the countless games which 
are on (

> ...  or will I need to write my own port of the March SDK to
> get those things?

If you do that, commit them into the repository please. Even small 
additions are always welcome.


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