Questions about D (DirectX)

Koroskin Denis 2korden at
Sun May 25 08:04:09 PDT 2008

On Fri, 23 May 2008 02:12:35 +0400, Sascha Katzner < at spam.invalid>  

> FireLancer wrote:
>> Is there no eqivlent of d3dx9.h or is it embedded in one of the other
>> files?  Ive used functions from that all over the place and I don't
>> really want to relearn in order to work out ways of doing stuff
>> without some of it's features and DirectX 10 isn't an option for me.
> I must admit that I've never really locked into the D3D9 headers,  
> because I'm using D3D10 exclusively. If the D3D9 headers are incomplete,  
> perhaps you find the missing parts in one of the countless games which  
> are on (
>> ...  or will I need to write my own port of the March SDK to
>> get those things?
> If you do that, commit them into the repository please. Even small  
> additions are always welcome.
> Sascha

I've fixed small d3d9 compilation issues and commited d3dx9, dsound8 and  
dinput8 bindings.
I use Dx9 in my latest project, so let me know if have any problems with  
it, I'll try to help.

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