mixin creating an enum

Hendrik Renken funsheep at -[no-spam]-gmx.net
Fri May 23 01:16:29 PDT 2008


i have a struct containing "attributes" identified by int-ids:

struct Foo
     char[uint] attributes;

I would like to use instead of the int-ids an enum, since the range of 
the ids is strict and cannot change. And i want this struct to be 
generic. So what i need would be a mixin template, which i give the enum 
-members and the template generates the enum.

struct Foo(char[] enummembers)
     enum Bar
          mixin enummembers;

     char[][] attributes;

Now i would be able to address the attributes by the enum-members. Is 
that possible? Since i couldn't find anythiong close in the docs or in 
the Wiki4D or in the dsource tutorials

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