Tango / Phobos / future dilemma

Lutger lutger.blijdestin at gmail.com
Tue May 27 07:32:40 PDT 2008

Spacen Jasset wrote:

> Hello,
> Currently I am using phobos for my work, which suit at the moment since
> I am mainly using opengl.
> Unfortunately I would like use a library that requires Tango, and there
> is yet another library that I would like to use that is coded for
> phobos. Since they both incorporate a core runtime I presume that this
> situation is impossible without akward workarounds?
> Secondly, I have an uneasy feeling about the situation whereby there are
> two libraries that function independently of each other. What lies ahead
> for this state of affairs; and indeed, what is Walter's and the Tango
> team's position on it?

I can't find the relevant threads, but the idea is that the Phobos runtime
will change a bit to suit Tango and Tango will be a library that runs on
top of the phobos runtime. However, this will not happen for the D1.x
branch since that has been feature-freezed, and I think the Tango team will
only start serious efforts to port to D2.x once it is stable enough. In the
best case it will be before the end of the year since Walter mentioned that
D2 will be stabilized somewhere this fall. That might be too optimistic

In the meantime tangobos seems to work pretty well. 

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