property/opAddAssign problem

teo teo.ubuntu.remove at
Tue Dec 29 06:01:38 PST 2009

Consider following:

class A
  int m;
  void opAddAssign(int n) { m += n; }

class B
  A a;
  this() { a = new A; }
  A Prop() { return a; }

void main()
  B b = new B;
  b.Prop += 3;

I get a compilation error (dmd v2.037):

test.d(17): Error: 'b.Prop' is not a scalar, it is a A()
test.d(17): Error: incompatible types for ((b.Prop) += (3)): 'A()' and 

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue with opAddAssign and/
or properties?

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