CUDA with D?

Chris R Miller lordsauronthegreat at
Tue Mar 3 22:15:36 PST 2009

Lutger wrote:
> Chris R Miller wrote:
> ...
>> I looked into OpenCL, which appears (at first glance) to be a funky way
>> of stringing together assembler instructions using C function calls.
>> I'm sure it's fast, but it's not the most friendly looking code to me
>> (then again, I don't know ASM, so what do I know?)
> It's at a higher level than that, basically shaders for more general purpose
> parallel computation BUT: the OpenCL runtime is supposed to take that code
> and load balance it over whatever processors it can find in your system,
> GPU's, multiple cores with or without SIMD instructions, whatever.

Hmm, clever.

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