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torhu no at spam.invalid
Tue Mar 10 14:31:32 PDT 2009

On 10.03.2009 19:38, Simen Haugen wrote:
> Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
>>  On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:45 PM, Simen Haugen<simen at>  wrote:
>>>  I'm waist deep in problems, and have no idea how to get up.
>>>  I have a program that uses d1, dmd, tango, ddbi, dwt and dwin. Some time ago
>>>  I discovered that the program would no longer compile, and I have several
>>>  features and bugfixes long overdue.
>>>  It seems the problem happens during linking, but as I get no error what so
>>>  ever it's a bit hard for me to track down. The project is about 30kloc.
>>>  I've tried both dsss and rebuild. Dsss at least says rebuild exits with a
>>>  status code 1, but still no hints on where the error might be.
>>>  My guess is that this is a bug with lib.exe or link.exe, but I might be far
>>>  off...
>>>  I'm using D for several other programs, but don't keep a log for what
>>>  versions I used when the projects last compiled... I've tried several
>>>  different versions of both the compiler and the various libs, but as I said,
>>>  I keep no log, so it's kind of a shot in the dark...
>>>  I've spent at least 8 hours so far trying to locate the error with no luck.
>>>  Does anyone have any good ideas how I can proceed?
>>>  Or perhaps a pointer in the direction for narrowing down my search?
>>  Verbose flags!  That should help narrow down where the
>>  compilation/linking fails.
> I've tried that. Rebuild keeps compiling files until I get the command
> prompt with no message. I don't see any message showing the linking
> begins, but if I exclude the last file from my project, the same thing
> happens (in other words - I know all the files compiles correctly).
> X-Files ...

You can use dsss to build a lib from dwt and the other libs you use. 
Then do a fully manual compile and link, on thing at a time. Run the 
linker directly or through dmd, not through rebuild and/or dsss.  That 
should narrow it down.

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