Linking problem with QtD

Qian Xu qian.xu at
Thu Oct 29 12:28:37 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I have almost built the first demo, but ...
The components I have are as follows:
1. QtK SDK (LGPL edition) 4.5.3
2. the latest svn version of QtD (
3. DMD 1.050
4. Tango (current from trunk)
5. Platform: openSUSE 11.1. 
6. cmake 2.6

After QtD was built successfully, I try to compile the demo

I got many linking errors:
In function `qtd_QPrintDialog_setOption_PrintDialogOption_bool':
QPrintDialog_shell.cpp:(.text+0x20b): undefined reference to
`QPrintDialog::setOption(QAbstractPrintDialog::PrintDialogOption, bool)'
../../../../build_dir/build/lib/libqtdgui.a(QPrintDialog_shell.cpp.o): In
function `qtd_QPrintDialog_options':
QPrintDialog_shell.cpp:(.text+0x22b): undefined reference to
`QPrintDialog::options() const'[/code]

There are many undefined references. I checked the source and the '.a'
files. These functions are defined correctly.

Have I still forget something by linking the demo or building the library?

Any hint is welcome

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