Linking problem with QtD

Eldar Insafutdinov e.insafutdinov at
Thu Oct 29 12:40:34 PDT 2009

Qian Xu Wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have almost built the first demo, but ...
> The components I have are as follows:
> 1. QtK SDK (LGPL edition) 4.5.3
> 2. the latest svn version of QtD (
> 3. DMD 1.050
> 4. Tango (current from trunk)
> 5. Platform: openSUSE 11.1. 
> 6. cmake 2.6
> After QtD was built successfully, I try to compile the demo
> (
> I got many linking errors:
> [code]../../../../build_dir/build/lib/libqtdgui.a(QPrintDialog_shell.cpp.o):
> In function `qtd_QPrintDialog_setOption_PrintDialogOption_bool':
> QPrintDialog_shell.cpp:(.text+0x20b): undefined reference to
> `QPrintDialog::setOption(QAbstractPrintDialog::PrintDialogOption, bool)'
> ../../../../build_dir/build/lib/libqtdgui.a(QPrintDialog_shell.cpp.o): In
> function `qtd_QPrintDialog_options':
> QPrintDialog_shell.cpp:(.text+0x22b): undefined reference to
> `QPrintDialog::options() const'[/code]
> There are many undefined references. I checked the source and the '.a'
> files. These functions are defined correctly.
> Have I still forget something by linking the demo or building the library?
> Any hint is welcome


Undefined symbols that are missing are from Qt libs. I'd recommend to do 'make install' after you build QtD (don't forget to specify CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX option in cmake prior to build to point to the directory where you have your dmd toolchain) and then look into the build scripts of the examples which typically have a name They contain the command line with all necessary libraries to link, typically:

-L-lqtdgui -L-lqtdcore -L-lQtCore -L-lQtGui

I saw you made the reference to this link ( which contains this command line option, but still I don't understand why you get undefined symbols like QPrintDialog::options() const which belongs to libQtGui.

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