Best way to make Until! into string

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Tue Jun 22 15:05:42 PDT 2010

div0 wrote:

[... snip of UTF-8 stuff ...]

The UTF char stuff is all painfully complicated, and I _think_ that I more 
or less understand it, but I suspect that I don't understand it all that 
well. It would be nice if the there were a page in the docs somewhere that 
really explained it well.

[... snip of until() stuff ...]
> Sry, means nothing to me. I'm still using dmd 2.028. :(

Oh my, you caveman! ;) I'd have to go look at all of the changelogs to even 
have a clue of what's been changed since then. Oh well, I guess that it 
means that you don't have to worry about stuff changing on you each upgrade 
by sticking to the same version for a while, and I suppose that there could 
be a specific bug holding you back. But you're going to have to upgrade 
eventually. Personally, I usually stick to the latest version or possibly 
one older if I'm slow getting the new one set up, but to each their own, I 

- Jonathan M Davis

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