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Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Tue Jan 18 08:34:53 PST 2011

On Tuesday 18 January 2011 04:15:20 %fil wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> I'm also stuck with the existing and would want to try out your
> new module std.datetime. Do you have any sense when the next release of
> Phobos is going to be?

I don't know. The last release was about a month ago, and the one before that 
was about a month and a half before that. I'm not aware of there being any hard 
and fast rules or plan about when releases are done. However, they tend to be a 
month or two apart.

> If not, what is the procedure to get a "development snapshot" of the latest
> version of Phobos installed?

The latest code can be found here:

However, you're going to have to have the latest druntime as well:

- Jonathan M Davis

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