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> There's nothing wrong with Haskell if you want to take a deep 
> dive into pure functional programming. I personally find Haskell 
> to be more of a religion than a programming language. You can 
> learn the same perspective from functional-first languages like 
> Clojure, Scala, Ocaml, and F#.

Whilst I agree that most "this is the one true programming language" people
are quasi-religious, programming languages are not: Haskell is a just a lazy,
pure functional programming language, some adherents show quasi-religious
fervour, just as some adherents of C++, Java, C, Go, Rust, D, etc. do.

I am not sure about F# (I do not know anything of it), but Clojure, Scala, and
OCaml are very different from Haskell for various reasons, cf. lazy vs. eager,
pure vs. impure. Haskell is a programming language worth learning for all
programmers,along with Lisp, Prolog, and Erlang.

I'll bet (but I have no experimental data, just a hypothesis) that any D
programmer that knows Haskell writes better D than a D programmer who doesn't
know Haskell.

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