Setting up Dlang Environment

Mike Brown at
Sun Aug 25 21:56:08 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 21:26:27 UTC, Andre Pany wrote:
> On Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 20:42:41 UTC, Mike Brown wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've tried installing and setting up Dlang a few times now. 
>> I'm struggling to get it reliable and to a decent environment 
>> in place.
>> I don't really want to make this thread about specific issues 
>> - Id very much like to know if there's a decent tutorial or 
>> guide to setup Dlang?
>> * I'd like to get the basic's down solid (One of my issues is 
>> a linker issue on release but not debug, etc)
>> * A decent IDE which allows debugging, understanding the stack 
>> traces, step through etc?
>> * The package management, Should I be using DUB or doing 
>> packaging etc with make files etc?
>> I appriciate some of this is down to choice, but an idiots 
>> guide and recommended practises - to setting up the above so I 
>> can just get on with coding would be great.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Mike
> Hi Mike,
> Which OS do you target? Setting up DMD on e.g. Ubuntu is just 
> installing package build-essentials and installing the dmd deb 
> file.
> On Windows you just extract the 7z file and add the bin path to 
> th PATH environment variable.
> I tried so far IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio Code. Both are 
> multi platform and free to use. Both supports debugging but 
> here the details really depends on your OS.
> For Visual Studio Code there are even different D plugins 
> available. I used vscode-dlang and it was just a fantastic 
> experience.
> (I still prefer the kind of development flow IntelliJ provides, 
> but Intellij D support is more complex to setup).
> If you target Windows, there is also Visual Studio, this plugin 
> has no dub integration as far as I know.
> Kind regards
> Andre

Hi Andre,

Thank you for your reply! Windows is my target system. I have 
(hopefully) installed the d compiler toolchain, and Visual Studio 
Code - along with the recommended extension.

I'm wondering on the build systems, I have read up on rdmd and 
dub. I think these are two seperate competing build systems? 
Which should I use, for which situations?

I'd like to use Vibe, so I guess I need to use DUB? Can I use 
rdmd with dub dependencys?

Kind Regards,

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