Mapping float to ulong in CTFE

berni44 dlang at
Thu Dec 12 19:21:22 UTC 2019

Is it possible to get to the bits of a float in CTFE? I tried the 
following, but this doesn't work:

import std.stdio;

union FloatBits
     float floatValue;
     ulong ulongValue;

ulong test(float f)
     FloatBits fb;
     fb.floatValue = f;
     return fb.ulongValue;

void main()
     static assert(test(3.0) == 1077936128);

test.d(13): Error: reinterpretation through overlapped field 
ulongValue is not allowed in CTFE
test.d(18):        called from here: test(3.00000F)
test.d(18):        while evaluating: static assert(test(3.00000F) 
== 1077936128LU)

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