D-oriented Syntax Highlighting Plugin for WordPress?

Ron Tarrant rontarrant at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 16:48:00 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 January 2019 at 15:36:11 UTC, rjframe wrote:

> I use SilverStripe instead of Wordpress, but if WordPress uses 
> TinyMCE you can use the codesample plugin[0] with PrismJS[1], 
> which does support D (though I don't know if it actively gets 
> updates).
> [0]: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/plugins/codesample/
> [1]: http://prismjs.com/

SilverStripe, on the surface, seems quite WordPress-alike. Did 
you find advantages over WordPress, or is it personal preference? 
How's the syntax highlighting? (I skimmed the video, but didn't 
see any mention of this.)

PrismJS looks promising.

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