Questions regarding a port (bindbc-cimgui)

sytnax not-a-real-email at
Sun Sep 15 08:17:20 UTC 2019


I'm new to the forum and the D language. I'm also a total newbie 
regarding sharing stuff on github, so I have questions:

Since I want to try to write small games with D as betterC, I 
have ported cimgui to a bindbc version. I basically took d-cimgui 
(which didn't work with betterC) and used bindbc-freetype as a 
blueprint for the new bindings.

The ported version seems to work fine now on Linux in 
betterC-mode with dynamic bindings and bindbc-sdl/bindbc-opengl 
(I also ported the sdl2/opengl-wrappers from dear imgui). So the 
imgui-demo-window works fine.

So, the question is: should I share this somehow (despite the 
limitations listed below)? Would it be ok to share it (regarding 
licenses)? And if yes, what would be the best way to do that? 
Should I create a github repository?

Also, there are a few caveats/limitations:
* I can't test other OSs than Linux
* I haven't tested static binding, because I have no idea how to 
statically link cimgui.
* the cimgui version is currently 1.70 (from march, because 
that's what d-cimgui is based on); I intend to try and update it 
to the latest version though.
* I'm a total newbie regarding D & dub and I may have made silly 

Thanks for any advice!

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