combining libraries into 1 or 1 for each system?

Mike Parker aldacron at
Thu Sep 19 05:16:33 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 19 September 2019 at 03:44:28 UTC, Shadowblitz16 
> let's say I have a project the relies on multiple packages..
> is it possible to combine these libraries into a single one (or 
> 1 per os) for final shipment of a program?

I assume you're referring to dub packages, in which case any 
dependencies you have will usually be configured to compile as 
static libraries. That means they'll be compiled into the 
executable without any extra effort on your part.

If they're configured as dynamic libraries, you'll need to ship 
the dynamic library with your executable or manually edit the 
configurations to compile as static libraries.

If they're bindings to C libraries, you'll need to ship the C 
dynamic libraries unless you statically link them.

If none of this answers your question, please clarify what you 
mean by "multiple packages".

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