D on android and d_android

burt invalid_email_address at cab.abc
Thu Apr 2 11:29:24 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 2 April 2020 at 01:53:30 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
> On Wednesday, 1 April 2020 at 15:04:02 UTC, burt wrote:
>> Well I'm European, so with 10.010 kB I mean 10010 kB = 10.010 
>> MB in American/British.
> ah, of course.
>> Well, I won't be able to finish it today anyway, so take your 
>> time.
> I rewrote the downloader so it goes straight from ldc releases 
> instead of depending on me, so this should give a lot more 
> compatibility. Also made `dub run d_android:setup` a thing 
> (though dub sometimes will try to run what it already has and 
> it needs the new version for this, so you might need to fetch 
> new version first). And fixed a bit in readme and other bugs...
> I only did rudimentary testing though... compiled my test on 
> linux with no error so I think it is good. I'll be on my 
> Windows computer tomorrow and be able to run more tests there.
> But if you get to it before me, it *might* work now. You may 
> have to edit your ldc2.conf file and delete the old generated 
> addons to give it a cleaner slate too.
> otherwise, I'll email again once I get a chance to test it more 
> in the morning. (I'm in US Eastern so you are several hours 
> ahead of me in Europe!)

I did some more testing and investigated druntime-ldc and 
phobos2-ldc. They contained the symbols that were undefined 
according to the error messages, so clearly they are not being 
linked at all, even though when using -v flag it reported passing 
-lphobos2-ldc and -ldruntime-ldc flags and 
-LC:/Users/<...>/armeabi-v7a to the linker, which is the path to 
the directory that contained `libdruntime-ldc.a` and 
`libphobos2-ldc.a`, so it should have found those and linked 

Anyway, I don't think this fails to work because of an error in 
the d_android library. If you find anything else that may cause 
it, I am glad to know, but thank you for your help.

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