Integration tests

Russel Winder russel at
Wed Apr 22 10:32:48 UTC 2020

I ended up creating the following project structure:

├── dub.sdl
├── dub.selections.json
├── source
│   ├── arcam_protocol.d
│   └── main.d
├── tests
│   └── integration_tests.d
└── test_support
    └── mock_avr850
        └── main.d

with the following Dub control file:

name "arcamclient"
description "arcamclient is a Rust/gtk-rs/GTK+ desktop application to control an Arcam amplifier over the Ethernet connection."
authors "Russel Winder"
copyright "Copyright © 2020 Russel Winder."
license "GPL-3.0"
targetType "executable"
targetPath "bin"

configuration "application" {

configuration "unittest" {
    targetName "arcamclient_test"
    dependency "unit-threaded" version="*"
    mainSourceFile "bin/ut.d"
    excludedSourceFiles "source/main.d"
    preBuildCommands "$DUB run --compiler=$$DC unit-threaded -c gen_ut_main -- -f bin/ut.d -d $DUB"
    preBuildCommands "$DUB build arcamclient:mock_avr850"
    importPaths "tests"
    sourcePaths "tests"

subPackage {
    name "mock_avr850"
    targetName "mock_avr850"
    targetType "executable"
    targetPath "bin"
    sourcePaths "source" "test_support/mock_avr850"
    importPaths "source" "test_support/mock_avr850"
    excludedSourceFiles "source/main.d"

This seems a bit more sensible that what I have been able to achieve
with Rust, but is still second rate compared to how easy things are
using Python. 

Now I discover Python, Rust, and Go have far nicer abstractions for
writing Internet code than D does. Does D really not have a TcpListener

To date all I can get is:

std.socket.SocketOSException at std/socket.d(2792): Unable to bind socket: Bad file descriptor

when trying to open a TCP server on, with Python, Rust,
or Go it all worked first time. This is really sad given D has so many
advantages over Rust. :-(

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41 Buckmaster Road    m: +44 7770 465 077
London SW11 1EN, UK   w:

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