Integration tests

aliak something at
Wed Apr 22 11:19:06 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 22 April 2020 at 10:32:48 UTC, Russel Winder wrote:
> Now I discover Python, Rust, and Go have far nicer abstractions 
> for writing Internet code than D does. Does D really not have a 
> TcpListener abstraction?

It really doesn't :(

And D has so much potential as server tech with the potential 
combination of fibers + TLS + shared + static introspection.

The package Vibe-d is quite nice though. I don't know if you've 
tried it but it's very simple to get a listener up with it.

> To date all I can get is:
> std.socket.SocketOSException at std/socket.d(2792): Unable to bind 
> socket: Bad file descriptor
> when trying to open a TCP server on, with 
> Python, Rust, or Go it all worked first time. This is really 
> sad given D has so many advantages over Rust. :-(

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