Rust, D, GTK+, and asynchronous working

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> Hi,
> Background: I chose to rewrite a Python/PySide2/Qt application in
> X/GTK+. After much dithering I was pushed to Rust/gtk-rs/GTK+ and set
> to it. Then I decided to do D/GtkD/GTK+ as well.
> Totally unscientific, biased, and indeed prejudiced result is that D is
> a nicer programming language to work with than Rust for doing GTK+
> related UIs.
> BUT…
> Now I have to add the networking.
> GTK+ (and therefore both gtk-rs and GtkD) has APIs for all the socket
> stuff so as to be harmonious with the Glib/GIO/GTK way of the world.
> The Big Question™ is how to add monitoring a read socket stream in the
> event loop.
> Qt just does it automatically as far as I can tell, but GTK+ appears
> not to. Which is totally bizarre.
> Rust now has async/await and futures such that you can create something
> to put on the GTK+ event loop very easily. It also has very nice tools
> for doing "reactive programming" using classic programming constructs
> that turn into event loop manangement with futures.
> Does D have anything similar or has it missed the "programming with
> event loops" boat. Currently I am having a hard time finding ways of
> doing what is easy with Rust/gtk-rs/GTK+ using D/GtkD/GTK+ and this is
> rather frustrating given how much nicer D is for working with GTK+ than
> Rust is.
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> Russel.
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D does not have any builtin async/await but you can use libraries

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