Vibe.d and NodeJs with Express

greatsam4sure greatsam4sure at
Sun Jul 12 10:01:54 UTC 2020

I am thinking of building an App with Vibe. D or NodeJS but my 
topmost priority is speed and ease of development due to third 
party libraries integration. I know Vibe. D is faster than NodeJS 
and I love to use Dlang. My question is can I eat my cake and 
have it if I go with Dlang and Vibe. D. I have being able to use 
jQuery and bootstrap with vibe. D and it work well. My believe is 
that most JavaScript library will work with Vibe. D out of the 
box. The application with use database heavily, can I work easily 
with database in vibe. D. For me I would love to use D for it raw 
power and speed.

Please this is a post to criticize D but to encourage me to use 
it. I need pros and cons

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