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Kendell kendell at
Mon Mar 9 22:48:35 UTC 2020

Hey Everyone,

I'm a new D developer and therefore new to Gtkd. By day I'm an 
android developer using Kotlin and most of my hobby projects are 
in Go.

So far I've enjoyed my time working in D. I've been working on 
this project,, a rest 
testing project much like postman.

So far I've had no problems building this project with DUB. 
However I want to move over to meson so that I can build it for 
flatpak. I am finding that I am unable to build with meson.

I've had two issues. First, I was unable to find the dependencies 
wit this, gtkd_dep = dependency('gtk-d:gtkd', version: '~>3.9.0', 
method: 'dub'). This dep is added to the dependencies array 
passed to the executable. The build would fail as it could not 
find the gsv.SourceView.

I was able to fix this issue, by passing in a directory to the 
dependency array, such as this. 
declaredependency(includedirectories: packagedir + 
'/gtk-d-3.9.0/gtk-d/generated/sourceview'). The packagedir string 
being set by an option with generating the meson build directory, 
this is to my home folder .dub directory.

But this created a new build issue with the linker. The linker 
can not find the source view objects to link with the executable. 
So again my builds are failing. But I'm unsure where to find the 
object files for the linker to link in.

Does any one have any insights on how I could get this project to 

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