question on dub and postgresql

Alaindevos devosalain at
Mon Oct 5 08:32:50 UTC 2020

On Monday, 5 October 2020 at 08:24:26 UTC, Alaindevos wrote:
> Can I say python has pip, ruby has bundle and D has dub.
> Meaning they perform the same function ?
> Or am I wrong?
> As I use unix the parameters for include and library are a real 
> pain.
> I have totally no idea how to connect to a postgresql database.
> Where and how do I start to connect to a postgresql database ?
> I write a .d program to connect.
> But then I need to include the database-connection-library.d 
> file.
> Where do I place it ?
> And link a database-connection. object file.
> How is it installed ? There is a only a git i can clone ?
> Do I need to create and edit a specific dub json config file ?
> It is very unclear how to start.
> [Cfr. in python it is just a "pip install postgres". And you're 
> fine ]
> Thanks for any info.
Some additional question, i struggle with.
Do i run dub make dub install on git clone ?
Or make , make install ?
Or it depends on the package provider ?
What for vibe ?
Which postgresql implementation is best for retreving query 
results record by record ?

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