question on dub and postgresql

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Oct 5 09:24:33 UTC 2020

On Monday, 5 October 2020 at 09:05:16 UTC, Alaindevos wrote:

> A name dependency solution is at least vage.
> How do I install ,
> on unix so in the code i write the .d files of that library and 
> after compilation linked to the libary shared objects. For that 
> shared object must be installed. How ?

You don't need to install dpq2 if you are using dub to build your 
project. Add it as a dependency to your dub.json (or dub.sdl if 
you prefer that format). When you build your project, dub will 
download the version you configured as your dependency and 
compile it along with your project.

In your project root directory (where your dub.json/sdl is 
located), you should be able to run `dub add dpq2` and dub will 
add the dependency to your configuration. Or you can add it 

For dub.json:

"dependencies": {
     "dpq2": "~>1.0.17"

For dub.sdl:

dependency "dpq2" version="~>1.0.17"

Make sure libpq is installed on your system and you should be 
good to go.


If you aren't using dub to build your project, then you could 
potentially use `dub install dpq2` and it will install it in a 
cache folder which, IIRC, should be in ~/.dub. However, I would 
use `git clone` or `dub fetch` so that you can keep it in a 
specific folder. I have some instructions for using my old 
Derelict packages when you aren't using dub for your project. You 
can adapt that to dpq2:

Once you've pulled down dpq2, you'll need to build it, then when 
building your project you'll have to pass the dpq source path to 
the compiler (with the -Ipath) so it can find the imports, the 
path to the dpq library you built (with -L-Lpath), and the dpq 
library (-L-ldpq).

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