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Arun aruncxy at
Tue Oct 6 05:58:25 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 1 October 2020 at 06:32:23 UTC, Robert M. Münch 
> Hi, we are currently using vibe.d for a prototype and I want to 
> post some experiences. I know one shouldn't only address the 
> problems but provide some solutions.
> However, our current use-case is that we want to get a job 
> done, and not creating a web-framework.
> 1. For many things the docs are missing, or inconsistent, or 
> wrong. So, it's pretty hard to make your way through it. Or you 
> just start reading the code and reverse engineer vibe. => We 
> are waisting a lot of time.
> 2. There are many inconsistencies / half-done implementations 
> in vibe. Again, this makes it hard to find out what works, what 
> doesn't or which parts behave differently. => Costs a lot of 
> time.
> 3. Vibe can't handle GET & POST on the same URL... and the bad 
> thing is, the later route will just be ignored, so you don't 
> get any hint or crash. The docs don't mention this clearly. => 
> We waisted a lot of time to find out, that this doesn't work.
> 4. Vide uses an own JSON type, not the standard one. We don't 
> understand why, this just makes things much more complicated 
> and one has to mess around with this.
> 5. One can't access the raw HTTP request body, things must be 
> go through Vibe's JSON parser. To get access to the raw body, a 
> lot of workarounds are necessary.
> So, overall... compared to other web-frameworks we know, there 
> are many pitfalls which just cost a lot of time... We think 
> it's a good base, but there needs to be much less magic, much 
> better docs, much less complexity.

I concur with 1 and 2. We waste lot of time trying to understand 
vibe code instead of working on the business logic.

Never had issues with 3.

I've found vibe JSON to be a relative of nlohmann::json
Similar API, seamless code reusability (copy paste). I never 
really cared about std.json as the usability is not good.

5. is definitely possible with readAll. Never had issues with 
this. Just dig more into the code ☺️

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