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Sun Oct 11 19:10:20 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 11 October 2020 at 11:56:29 UTC, Robert M. Münch wrote:
> On 6 Oct 2020 at 10:07:56 CEST, "ddcovery" 
> <antoniocabreraperez at> wrote:
>> I found myself in a similar situation recently, and I can't 
>> help but ask you: What technology do you use regularly?
> Hi, well we use a couple of different things. Scripting 
> languages, C, Lua, ..
>> What drives/draws you to try dlang/vibe.d?
> A prototype we wanted to build while evaluating D as our next 
> tech stack foundation.
>> Do you have other alternatives to dlang/vibe.d for your 
>> project?
> Yes. We are currently looking into Go as well.
>> In my case we usually work in Node+js/ts (previously 
>> Scala+Play) and I wanted to jump to something really 
>> performant for a new project without losing code 
>> expressiveness and development speed. Dlang seemed a good 
>> alternative (I like it much more than Go or Rust).
> Well, for us it's getting more and more clear, that a decision 
> what to use in the future will be based on less and less 
> technical aspects.
> The interesting thing about Go is, that their main focus is 
> thinking from an enterprise perspective, not only from a 
> technical one. So, their focus is getting stuff done, keeping 
> maintainability in big, constantly changing teams and stripping 
> everything away, that reduces productivity in such an 
> environment... I don't know about any other language which puts 
> all these non-technical aspects on the top of the agenda.
> Viele Grüsse.

And I feel like you guys will just pick Go because it will get 
stuff done.

I am in a philosophical mood today so here it goes...

When I just started learning about D ecosystem, vibe frequently 
popped up as one of the popular frameworks available for the 
language AND also a reason for ppl to jump in and try out D. 
However, as time goes, I also pick up many complaints about vibe, 
its performance and ease of use compared to competitors. This 
post just solidifies the impression. Bad documentation is the 
worst thing that can happen to a project which gets promoted as a 
one of the jems of the language ecosystem and actually hurts the 
language image much more than does good. Sigh... I will never 
advice vibe to anyone because I know that better alternatives 
exist. People will use Go, Python, Ruby, Rust whatever has better 
docs to get it running fast and not risk wasting time.

Sadly, this is how some languages grow and some don't. And it's 
not all about the corporate support, hype, GC or random luck, 
it's about cases like the above.

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