Vibe.D TLS problem

Dukc ajieskola at
Tue Oct 27 17:36:53 UTC 2020

I have a Vibe.D server binary that, locally at least, works. But 
only without TLS. I want to add TLS to it and test it locally 
with a self-signed certificate. I made one with LibreSSL, stored 
in `cert.crt` and `key.key`. The application main function:

shared static this()
{   import vibe.d;

     //the program does check the key files are there before 
starting to listen
     [   tuple("salasanatiivisteet", "generoi salasanojen 
tarkistuslista ennen palvelimen käynnistämistä, 
         tuple("key.key", "TLS-avain puuttuu. Sen pitäisi olla 
nimeltään key.key"),
         tuple("cert.crt", "TLS-sertifikaatti puuttuu. Sen pitäisi 
olla nimeltään cert.crt"),
         if (!fileCheck[0].exists || !fileCheck[0].isFile)
     {   fileCheck[1].logInfo;

     auto settings = new HTTPServerSettings;
     enum portNumber = 8080;
     settings.port = portNumber;
     settings.bindAddresses = ["::1", ""];
     settings.sessionStore = new MemorySessionStore;

     // these three lines added
     settings.tlsContext = createTLSContext(TLSContextKind.server);

     // inrelevant stuff...

     listenHTTP(settings, router);

It compiles and starts to listen just like normal, but when 
trying to enter the localhost URL, the browser announces "the 
connection was reset" and this is logged ten times in the server 
HTTP connection handler has thrown: Accepting SSL tunnel: 
error:1408F09C:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:http request 

The server then resumes listening, printing another ten errors if 
trying to re-enter the page. Linked is 1.1.1g (the 
original, not LibreSSL). Relevant DUB package configuration:
"dependencies": {
   "vibe-d": "~>0.9.2",
   "vibe-d:tls": "*"
"subConfigurations": {"vibe-d:tls": "openssl-1.1"},
"versions": [ "VibeHighEventPriority" ],
"versions": [ "VibeDefaultMain" ]

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