How kill executables started with spawnShell or executeShell when program finish?

Jack jckj33 at
Tue Oct 27 22:30:52 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 22:14:53 UTC, Dukc wrote:
> On Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 15:16:33 UTC, Marcone wrote:
>> [...]
> This is a bit heavyweight, but should be doable: have your 
> primary process to start a watchdog process for itself. The 
> watchdog continuosly sends messages to the primary process. If 
> the message gets blocked or the watchdog receives no answer, it 
> assumes the primary process has stopped working and thus 
> terminates first plink.exe first and then itself.
> In fact, while you're on it you can make the watchdog to 
> terminate the primary process too, so the user won't have to 
> kill the program manually in case of infinite loop.

In case of windows, the OS can take care of this with the JOB 
functions family:

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