Escape this in pure members

Per Nordlöw per.nordlow at
Wed Sep 23 14:39:43 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 00:06:38 UTC, DlangUser38 
>> Hmm, why would `b` have longer lifetime? Isn't the lifetime of 
>> `b` throughout `bar`?
> The following analysis might be wrong but I think that `scope` 
> as a **member** function attribute is not supposed to be used 
> as that is not even documented.

Where's the other scope analysis documented?

> So it would works "by default". The compiler thinks that `this` 
> is a scope variable that will stop living after `bar()`.

So are you saying that this code should compile with and without 
the member being `scope`?

> Also as `b` is not `ref` this is clearly a wrong diagnostic. 
> There's a special case missing in the compiler.

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