Why does this call the copy constructor 2 times and the assigment constructor once?

rempas rempas at tutanota.com
Fri Nov 19 14:05:40 UTC 2021

Hi! I'm trying to make my own string type for my library. Anyway, 
I'm not very experienced with structs/classes so I don't 
understand what's going one here. I will not post the full code 
because I don't think that anyone would like it so I will just 
post the important parts that play a role (tho in any case feel 
free to ask for the full code).

import core.memory;

import core.stdc.stdio;
import core.stdc.string;
import core.stdc.stdlib;

struct str {
   char* _val;
   uint* _count;
   ulong _cap, _len;

   // Constructors
   this(const char* val) {
     printf("Debug: Called this(const char* val)\n");
     this._val = cast(char*)val;
     this._count = cast(uint*)pureMalloc(4);
     *this._count = 0;
     this._cap = 0;
     this._len = strlen(val);

   // Copy constructor
   this(ref return scope str rhs) {
     printf("Debug: Copy constructor called!!! (strig rhs)\n");
     this._cap = rhs.length;
     this._len = this._cap;
     this._val = cast(char*)pureMalloc(this._len);
     strcpy(this._val, rhs.ptr);
     this._count = cast(uint*)pureMalloc(4);
     *this._count = 1;

   // Assigment constructors
   str opAssign(str rhs) {
     printf("Debug: Assigment constructor called!!! (str rhs)\n");
     if (*this._count == 1) {
     } else if (*this._count > 1) {
     } else *this._count = 1;

     this._val = cast(char*)pureMalloc(rhs.length);
     if (!this._val) {
       fprintf(stderr, "Could not allocate memory for the str 

     strcpy(this._val, rhs.ptr);
     this._cap = rhs.length;
     this._len = rhs.length;
     return this;

   @property char* ptr() { return _val; }
   @property ulong length() { return _len; }

extern (C) int main() {
   str name = "Mike";
   str other_name = "Anna";
   other_name = name;
   return 0;

So, when I assign the value of the variable "name" in the 
"other_name", first it will call the copy constructor, then it 
will call the assignment constructor and then it will call the 
copy constructor again. Why is this happening? I was expecting 
only the assignment constructor to get called.

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